Monday, January 21, 2013

Tarragona Laterality Conference

Next 11 to 13 February at the IPHES, in Tarragona, will hold the “Tarragona Laterality Conference” with invited speakers and discussion around all fields related to hominid and human brain laterality and right-handedness, and their implications for health in modern society. 

This meeting is organized by Dr. Natalie Uomini of University of Liverpool (UK) and Dr. Marina Lozano of IPHES (Spain). This meeting has been organized with founds provided by Leverhulme Trust, Galton Institute and IPHES.

The first and second days will consist of invited experts from different fields related to brain laterality and handedness: Neurobiology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Genetics, Primatology, Psychology...) and poster sessions.

The last day will be an excursion to Mona Foundation to introduce participants to the research being done there.

AIMS: The origin of human brain laterality is a complex issue that is studied by several diverse disciplines. Many different strands of laterality research are currently under way in disciplines that rarely communicate with each other. This will be the first time that all these disciplines will come together for a unique discussion and debate forum to achieve a better understanding of the organization of the human brain since its origin.

We expect to attract researchers and students of Paleoneurology, Primatology, Anthropology, Psychology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Genetics, and Paleoanthropology to this meeting.

Invited speakers:

-         Dr. Richard Byrne (University of St. Andrews, UK)
-         Dr. Chris McManus (University College London, UK)
-         Dr. David Frayer (Kansas University, USA)
-         Dr. Alan Beaton (Swansea University, UK)
-         Dr. John Gowlett (University of Liverpool, UK)
-         Dr. Amandine Chapelain (Université de Rennes, France)
-         Dr. Tim Crow (Oxford University, UK)
-         Dr. Emiliano Bruner (CENIEH, Spain)
-         Dr. Georg Meyer (University of Liverpool, UK)
-         Dr. Linda Marchant (Miami University, USA)
-         Dr. Miquel Llorente (Fundació Mona, Spain)
-         Dr. James Steele (University College of London, UK)
-         Dr. Marina Lozano (IPHES, Spain)
-         Dr. Natalie Uomini (University of Liverpool, UK)
-         Dr. Marina Mosquera (URV-IPHES, Spain)
-         Dr. Ignacio Martínez (UAH, Spain)
-         Dr. Marie-Helène Moncel (IPH, France)

 Contact: Marina Lozano

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